1) I want to become a Food Secure Canada (FSC) member before I register. How can I do so?

You can become an FSC member as an individual or as an organization. Please visit FSC's website to find out more. 

2) How many participants are expected at the Assembly?

We anticipate 700 + participants from all across Canada.

3) Can I attend only one session?

Access to plenaries and other sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday requires a day pass, or 3-day pass registration. 

The program was designed so that a diversity of themes, types of sessions (panels, workshops, collaborative sessions, etc.) and speakers is spread over the 3 days, Friday 2 November - Sunday 4 November.

Thursday November 1 is a day scheduled for separate trainings, tours and network meetings. Some of these events will require separate tickets to be purchased or simply booked because of limited capacity.

4) Are meals included in the 3-day tickets and day-passes?

Snacks, refreshments and a lunch will be served during the 3 days of the Assembly. An evening cocktail will be hosted on Friday November 2, at which food will be served (access is included in the 3-day pass and in the Friday day pass) and alcoholic beverages will be available at a cash bar.

5) Will bursaries be available?

Yes, but in limited quantities. Please apply here before September 28th.

6) What is the cancellation policy?

Registrations can be cancelled with an administrative processing fee of $75 per ticket applied. Deadlines for cancellations are as follows: Cancellations by Sept 1, 2018 will be reimbursed minus the $75 processing fee; Cancellations by Oct 1, 2018 will be reimbursed 50% of ticket (after processing fee is applied). Cancellations after Oct 1, 2018 will not be reimbursed. Contact admin@foodsecurecanada.org to request a cancellation. Please note that tour tickets are not refundable, unless the tour is cancelled by organizer.

7) Are trainings and tours on Thursday November 1 included in my ticket?

Registration for tours and training is separate from the registration for a 3-day pass or day passes for the Assembly. In order to participate to tours, a ticket must be purchased in the "Register" section of the website and mobile app.

8) What kind of interpretation services will be offered?

Our aim is for the Assembly program to be as bilingual as possible, however we will not have the resources for full simultaneous interpretation and thus anticipate different parts of program will be either bilingual or offered only in French or English. In the online program, the language of the sessions will be identified. Plenary and keynote sessions will be simultaneously translated.