What is an FSC Assembly?

Food Secure Canada (FSC) was born out of a conference at Ryerson University in Toronto in 2001, where individuals and civil society organizations from every province met to tackle the challenge of food security both at home and abroad. Today, FSC works with its members towards food sovereignty and for deep and lasting change in our food system. Learn more about FSC's mission here.

Since the first gathering in 2001, eight other assemblies have taken place all over the country, and, in 2018, we are celebrating the 10th Assembly.

With participants from all over the country, the Assemblies are a unique opportunity to engage in a national conversation about our food system in all its aspects, and to meet with hundreds of leading thinkers in the Canadian food scene, including activists, policy makers, businesses, researchers and interested citizens, workers and associations.

It is a place to:

  • build new partnerships and collaborations from across the country;
  • learn from colleagues and get access to cutting-edge analysis; and
  • work together on critical national policy issues and campaigns. 

FSC relies on Assembly registration to support its activities year round. A limited number of bursaries will be made available, please stay tuned for more details to be announced shortly.