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  In 1997, Dominic Lamontagne starts up Günt Multimedia with a friend. The partners eventually close the company, and in 2003, Dominic and his spouse Amélie start a new business specializing in vacuum-packed home-cooked meals: Gastronomie Le Naked Lunch. Soon after, the couple acquires a storefront to increase access to their products, opening up a small bistro/fine foods shop on Wellington Street in Montreal. The bistro quickly gains praise for its duck smoked meat and the shop for its high-end tinned foods (which they make on site). In 2012, the family of four trade in their hectic city life for a safe haven in Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, opting for a little more authenticity and a little less glitter. They launch En Pleine Gueule in 2013, a locally operated business dedicated to the promotion of food autonomy and sustainable gastronomy. With this, Dominic hopes to contribute to the resurgence and proliferation of profitable homesteads and the love of true terroir flavours.

The Impossible Farm («La ferme impossible») is a french language book by Dominic Lamontagne published October 15th 2015 by Écosociété for which Joel Salatin wrote the foreword. The book describes a profitable homestead, about one percent the size of your average Québec farm, which has slowly been outlawed through years of legislative constrictions. The impossible farm described in the book raises 2 cows, 200 hens and 500 broiler chickens, grass-fed together on the range from early spring to late fall. It's a small scale, plural agro-business, which manages it's own slaughter, processing and marketing. In a nutshell, it is the beginning of a mom-and-pop's driven regional revitalization effort that favors direct (and often local, farmers market driven) sales, thus promoting resilience rather than dependence.


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