Jolien Benjamin

Anthropologist & Co-founder SOOP

I'm a food consultant with a social mission. With a multidisciplinary background in cultural anthropology, food studies and social work I believe that good food and nutrition should be accessible for everyone. Simultaneously I have been striving for a more fair and sustainable food system. For the past 7 years I have been working on this mission through my consultancy work with a variety of food organizations and by setting up and delivering food education programs in primary schools and community centers in London's most disadvantaged and food insecure areas.

I have also co-founded Stories On Our Plate | SOOP, a social enterprise that challenges negative assumptions toward newcomers through food. At SOOP we organize public engagement events, engage in academic research, immerse newcomers in our professional network through innovative training programs and by bringing people from different cultural backgrounds together over food through an ongoing monthly supper club series championing the stories and cuisines of home cooks.