Concordia Food Coalition


As a student-led not-for-profit working towards the sustainable transformation of Concordia campus food services and local food systems, the Concordia Food Coalition (CFC) is honored to be co-hosting FSC’s 10th National Assembly. Since 2013, they’ve worked tirelessly to bring Concordia their first student-run cooperative cafe, two annual conferences on food systems, a weekly farmer’s market, funded urban agricultural projects of every variety, and community kitchens. They are committed to increasing food security, supporting small-scale farmers and producers, and sharing what they know about alternative food systems with the community. CFC leads by example by building a food system that is socially, environmentally, and economically just, so that students and Universities everywhere can be empowered to create a better food system.

Concordia University


Concordia is a university that wants to grow smartly, and over the last few years, the university has changed its food services to reflect this goal by increasing the amount of local and sustainable food served on campus. Research and resources to better understand food stories and how food choices impact health, the environment and the economy are ongoing and have become a hot topic in the past several years.

Concordia University takes pride in partnering with community members who are addressing social issues that aim to shape our changing world. The Food Secure Canada's 10th National Assembly provides an excellent opportunity for Concordia and the community to get their hands dirty and use this rich experience outside of the classroom to deepen learning and effect change around food systems.

Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange coordinates the student movement to transform food on Canada’s campuses. Students get involved through our national programs supporting campus kitchens, gardens and farms, food banks, food sovereignty and food procurement. We provide mentorship and resources, connect students with their peers across the country, and provide a single point of contact for provincial and national stakeholders in business, civil society and media.
For the first time ever, Meal Exchange and Food Secure Canada have partnered to bring their National Conferences together in Montreal this November. This is intended to amplify student and youth engagement in the food movement and build relationships between students and members of the broader food system.