A fresh fruit and vegetable prescription for Canada? Thinking through fresh produce subsidies for the Canadian context with Michel Nishan

Food & health / Alimentation et santé, English
Panel discussion / panel de discussion
Friday Nov 02   11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Michel Nischan, Chef and CEO/Founder of Wholesome Wave Foundation in the US, has been responsible for resourcing and designing the largest initiative on the continent aimed at increasing access to fresh fruit and vegetables for low-income populations. In this workshop, we’ll collectively dig in to the policy opportunites here in Canada— how we can adapt the rationale for incentives to our public policy environment, find local champions and adapt delivery mechanisms such as “double bucks” programs and fruit and veg “prescriptions,” while maximizing the health impacts for target populations at risk for dietary disease. Community Food Centres Canada will describe the “Market Greens” pilots currently underway and frame some key questions for the Canadian context.
Community Food Centres Canada
Wholesome Wave
Founder & CEO

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