Building Resilience: Rethinking the Transition to a More Sustainable Food System

Simultaneous translation / traduction en simultané, Bilingual / bilingue
Plenary / Séance plénière
Sunday Nov 04   09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (1 hour)

We are all aware of how natural systems rely on diversity and complexity to bounce back, evolve and thrive in the most difficult situations. How can we be nourished by this perspective to build organizations, relationships and connections that can respond to the potentially catastrophic challenges of climate change, extreme poverty, and public health crises to which our current systems are so vulnerable?  Drawing on ecology and the arts, as well as experiences in governance and youth-driven social innovation, this plenary will kick off a collective reflection about how we can build a more resilient food system, as well as a mobilized and connected movement where diversity is our strength.

How can we build resilience and diversity not only in farming and food production but also in our organizations and our ways of working together?

We shall begin with some reflections from plenary speakers and move into an interactive discussion with audience on these themes.

Food Secure Canada/Réseau pour une alimentation durable
Executive Director
La Société des Plantes
CONSEA, Brazil
Meal Exchange
Executive Director

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