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Pilot Project for Universal Lunches in Schools
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www.ppuls.org is the PPULS website where you will see photos of school-based lunch programming in Finland.  This is the model we are striving to create and propagate in Canada.

Pilot Project for Universal Lunches in Schools Inc. was born after I visited Finland and observed the dignified lunch service model that exists in all schools there.  I was never so embarrassed to be Canadian.  I was ashamed of my entire teaching career because I have participated in the Canadian status quo.  Frachise pizza is good enough.  Microwave popcorn is good enough.  White bread bun with a piece of bologna is good enough.  If good is the enemy of great, then "good enough" is the enemy of adequate.  

What I saw in Finland still resonates as THE most relevant model in the world for Canada to follow.  


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samedi 3 novembre, 2018